How are massages usefull for you

The benefits from massage therapy

Massages aids relaxation, helps with stress relief, alleviates tension and pain in the muscles, mitigates headaches and reduces sleep problems. The massage has a refreshing effect, it boosts the function of the body parts and it speeds up the healing process and the tension in the muscles. Massage therapy may be a basic treatment or it may be combined with other treatments when dealing with certain pain.

We provide the following massages: foot, face, head and full body massage, anti-cellulite massage, hot stone massage, medical massage, relax massage, sports massage, partial massage (neck, back, lower back, hands, legs and abdomen), full body and partial manual lymphatic massage, as well as shiatsu massage.

Massage therapy is not recommended in cases of: increased body temperature, acute inflammation, infected wounds, all types of burns and malignant processes.

What is Sinusitis?

Воспаление на синуси- Sinusitis представува воспаление на слузокожата …