Traumatology Rehabilitation

Traumatology Rehabilitation

Minimize the effects of physical traumas

Physical trauma is a medical term for an organic injury to the body as a result of a physical force. The trauma may be caused by a foreign object that injures the tissue, a bone or ligaments. The most common injuries are from falling or traffic accidents.

Treatments in traumatology are intended to control and aid the physical recovery from the effects of the trauma.

Physical therapy in the field of traumatology emphasize the importance of physiatrists and physiotherapists in hospitals and private practices. Apart from bone and joint fractures and soft tissue injuries, the physiatrists are facing with an increased number of physical trauma caused by aging and everyday accidents. The diversity of the injuries contributes to the complexity of the treatments. In the past years, there has been an increased demand for complete recuperation after an injury caused by physical trauma, which is the basic principle and goal of traumatology rehabilitation.
The most common injuries include wrist or hock fractures which had been treated with a cast or an operation, also joint distortions and dislocations, as well as spine fractures that had been treated with a cast or an operation.


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