Little something about us

The Private Medical Practice Dolores was founded in 1995 in Skopje by Elica Popovic MD, a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and at the time was the first of its kind.

Elica Popovic MD completed her studies in Physical medicine and rehabilitation and specialized at the Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje under the mentorship of the renowned surgeon Ljupco Serafimov MD. As a young specialist in physical medicine, Elica Popovic MD got trained in laser therapy at the Medical University in Sofia and became one of the pioneers who implemented it in Macedonia alongside prof. Trojacanec...




Frequently asked questions

Do you work with the state health insurance?

Yes, since the private practice is formed we have contract with the state health insurance fund.

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Do I need a referral for the physical therapy?

Yes if you intend to receive the treatment under the health insurance fund of R. Macedonia. If not, than you are in no need of a referral from your family doctor.

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After how many therapies would I feel better?

Results from the therapies can be visible after the first few days, but significant improvements may be seen after receiving the whole treatment given by the doctor.

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What is Sinusitis?

Воспаление на синуси- Sinusitis представува воспаление на слузокожата …