Laser & light therapy

Light therapy has been present for more than 40 years. Infrared and visible light show about 24 positive changes in the cell. Visible light penetrates the skin up to 8-10 mm. This is very convenient in treating superficial problems like scars, cuts and acupuncture points and have great success in the treatment of inflammatory processes. Once emitted, light energy initiates the process of photo-bio-stimulation which in humans results in photochemical reactions that speeds up cell metabolism, enhance and stimulate the immune, lymphatic and vascular system. Previous clinical studies showing reduction of pain, inflammation, swelling, and completely reduced recovery.

Red and infrared light is absorbed by the skin, muscles, tissue, bones and improves the physical layer of the cell.

Green light is absorbed through bio-electro-magnetic fields are prevalent around us. Used to relieve stress and strain. Green light is also used for relaxation and anti-allergy.

Orange light is known as rejuvenating colour. It aids with muscle cramps, creates energy in the lungs and stomach.

Yellow light can be a stimulator of sensory and motor nervous system as well as toning the muscles. Helps with increasing the overall energy situation, reduces arthritic pain and upgrades lymphatic system.

Blue light helps with headache, fever and chills.


K-Laser is a laser of the latest generation of lasers with high power (12W) with the possibility of using probes with different wavelengths. This laser is characterised by the time required for treatment - up to 3 times less time consuming than the older generation of lasers.

Minimum time for maximum results!

It helps with:

  • Removal of chronic and acute pain
  • Tissue biostimulation
  • Traumatology
  • Postoperative rehabilitation
  • Sports medicine
  • Cosmetics

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